May/June 2014– RESONANCE’s final showcase took place in 2014’s European capital of culture, Riga (Latvia), as part of the international sound art exhibition SKAN II, presenting works by Jitske Blom & Thomas Rutgers, Peter Bogers, Pascal Broccolichi, David Helbich, Aernoudt Jacobs, Signe Lidén and Stefan Roigk [ … read more … ]

March/April 2014– The Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway, presented Aernoudt Jacobs’s Photophon. David Helbich adapted his performative soundwalk Tracks to the city of Bergen.

March/April 2014– Stefan Roigk’s Bursting Confidence, at Le Bon Accueil in Rennes (France).

January/February 2014“Cause and Nature of Sound”. An exhibition of works by Aernoudt Jacobs, at Le Bon Accueil in Rennes (France), including Aernoudt’s RESONANCE piece, the Photophon.

November 2013– Signe Lidén and Peter Bogers presented their RESONANCE works Writings and Untamed Choir at the Audio Art Festival in Kraków (Poland).

October 2013Le Bon Accueil hosted The Beaters by Jitske Blom & Thomas Rutgers at the ENSAB in Rennes (fr). The exhibition was accompanied by a series of impromptu ‘Openbaar Kabaal’ performances by Rutgers and Blom in the streets of Rennes.

September 2013– Intro in situ in Maastricht (the Netherlands) presented an extensive showcase of RESONANCE installation, which included Signe Lidén’s Writings, The Beaters by Jitske Blom & Thomas Rutgers, Peter Bogers’s Untamed Choir, a Maastricht version of David Helbich’s performative soundwalk Tracks and the premiere of Aernoudt Jacobs’s Photophon [ … read more … ]

July/August 2013– Peter Bogers’s new work Untamed Choir premiered at the Lydgalleriet in Bergen (Norway), where it was presented together with another installment of The Beaters by Jitske Blom & Thomas Rutgers. [ … read more … ]

June/July 2013– Stefan Roigk’s sound installation Bursting Confidence premiered as a solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Meinblau in Berlin, Germany. [ … read more … ]

April/May 2013Writings by Signe Lidén premiered as part of Sounding City at the Flanders Festival in Kortrijk (Belgium). [ … read more … ] A second RESONANCE premiere at Sounding City was David Helbich’s performative soundwalk Kortrijk Tracks. [ … read more … ] The 2013 RESONANCE showcase at Kortrijk’s Sounding City further included a new installment of Pascal Broccolichi’s Invasive Harmonie and of The Beaters by Jitske Blom & Thomas Rutgers.

April 2013The Beaters by Jitske Blom & Thomas Rutgers premiered at the ECI Cultuurfabriek in Roermond (the Netherlands). [ … read more … ]

March 2013– Solo exhibition Invasive Harmonie by Pascal Broccolichi, who created a next version of his Table d’Harmonie, hosted by Le Bon Accueil at the Galerie EC’ARTS of the Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres in Rennes (France) [ … read more … ]

November 2012Ephemeral Sustainability, a 3 day conference about presenting, collecting and archiving sound based contemporary art, co-organized by the RESONANCE Network and the Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway [ … read more … ]

June 2012– Start of a second two year period of RESONANCE European sound art production, with new co-organizer Le Bon Acceuil in Rennes (France).

May 2012– The presentation of works by Stefan Rummel and Evelina Deicmane as part of Sounding City: Public Sound at the 2012 Festival of Flanders in Kortijk, marked the conclusion of the first two years of the RESONANCE network. [ … read more … ] On this occasion the network partners met in Kortrijk, to prepare the start of a second two year period of their European RESONANCE collaboration.

May 2012– Exhibition of Maia Urstad’s ‘Meanwhile, in Shanghai…’ in Kunsthaus Meinblau in Berlin. [ … read more … ]

February-April 2012– Paul Devens and Maia Urstad presented their RESONANCE installations City Chase and ‘Meanwhile, in Shanghai…’ in a duo exhibition in Bergen, Norway. [ … read more … ]

December 2011– The second RESONANCE showcase, in the Maastricht Jan van Eyck Academy, presented the works of Paul Devens, Maia Urstad and Evelina Deicmane. [ … read more … ]

November 2011– Two RESONANCE sound art installations were presented as Resonance’s contributions to the 2011 edition of the Audio Art Festival in Krakow, one of the network’s associated partners: Esther Venrooy’s A Shadow of A Wall and Paul Devens’ City Chase. [ … read more … ]

October-November 2011– Five RESONANCE sound art installations were presented by Resonance’s associated partner Skanu Mesz, as part of the 2011 Riga Sound Forest festival: Evelina Deicmane’s A Long Day, Esther Venrooy’s A Shadow of A Wall, Pierre Berthet’s Extended Drops, Maia Urstad’s ‘Meanwhile, in Shanghai…’ and Stefan Rummel’s Articulated Chambers. [ … read more … ]

August-September 2011– Latvian artist Evelina Deicmane’s RESONANCE work A Long Day premiered in Kunsthaus Meinblau, in Berlin. [ … read more … ] On the occasion of the opening of Evelina’s exhibition, there was a RESONANCE network meeting in Berlin.

June-July 2011– Pierre Berthet and Stefan Rummel installed and exhibited adapted versions of their RESONANCE installations, as part of the Extensions sound art exhibition in the Lydgallieret in Bergen, Norway. [ … read more … ]

April-August 2011– German artist Stefan Rummel created an intricate public space installation during a residency at Intro In Situ in Maastricht. His Articulated Chambers premiered at the end of May, during the 2011 Maastricht Kunsttour, and remained there until the end of August. [ … read more … ]

May 2011– At the 2011 Festival of Flanders in Kortrijk, Belgium, RESONANCE presented Sound City, an exhibition of the four sound installations commissioned by the network in the first year of its existence: works by Pierre Berthet, Esther Venrooy, Paul Devens and Maia Urstad. [ … read more … ]
Sound City in Kortrijk included a day of lectures and performances, co-organized by RESONANCE, that were part of a 3-day international symposium entitled Listen. Perspectives on Auditive Space. The network partners, associated partners and artists met in Kortrijk to evaluate the network’s activities and decide upon the program for the next months.

January 2011– For the finissage of its first showcase in Maastricht, RESONANCE invited German sound artist and scholar Peter Kiefer to give a presentation of his book Klangräume der Kunst (Sound spaces of art) [ … read more … ]

December 2010-January 2011– Between December 11th 2010 and January 30th 2011, Intro in situ presented RESONANCE in Maastricht. Pierre Berthet adapted his Extended Drops for the ground floor of Intro’s workspace, and on the first floor Esther Venrooy produced and installed her A Shadow of A Wall, a collaboration with architect Ema Bonifacic. On the occasion of the opening of Resonance in Maastricht, the network partners, associated partners and artists met to discuss residencies and related programs for the months to follow. [ … read more … ]

October 2010– RESONANCE co-organized The public, the sonic, the spatial, an international symposium and series of performances on the many ways in which ‘space and sound’ are inter-related, on October 29-30 at the NAiM/Bureau Europa in Maastricht (the Netherlands). [ … read more …]

Summer 2010– From July 1st to September 12th 2010 Belgian sound artist Pierre Berthet exposed his work Extended Drops at Singuhr Hörgalerie in Berlin (Germany). [ … read more …]

May 2010 – The RESONANCE project kicked off on May 1st, 2010 with an inaugural meeting of all partners and sound artists in Kortrijk (Belgium).
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