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December 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

On the evening of Friday December 10th a small, but dedicated and very international, group of listeners gathered on a windy and wettish marketplace to hear Boudewijn Zwart perform on the carillon, way up in the bell tower of the Maastricht town hall.

town hall

The carillon music mingled with the sound of traffic, the chatter and footsteps of passers-by, and the hammering and shouting of a group of workers who, under the cover of the evening’s dark, were setting up a gigantic stage in front of the town hall, for the next day’s recording of a musical holiday season entertainment program for Dutch national television, Kerststerren (Christmas stars). It was this mix of the crystal clear tingling sound of the carillon’s bells and the rumble and rattle of a city that continues to go about its business, that for me accounted for much of the magic of the event. Here is a (slightly edited) recording of the first piece that Boudewijn Zwart played that evening (John Cage’s In A Landscape), as it could be heard on the town hall’s front side. Most of the audience listened to Boudewijn’s performance on the other side, where there was less wind and where the space between the town hall’s backside and the buildings on the other side of the street acted as resonating body for the carillon sounds.

town hall

Boudewijn Zwart’s concert marked the opening of Intro in situ’s presentation of the Resonance network in Maastricht, which continued that same Friday evening with the unveiling by Jacques Costongs, Maastricht’s alderman for culture, of the two sound installations that, until January 30th, 2011, can be visited and experienced in Intro’s workspace in the Capucijnengang: Pierre Berthet’s Extended Drops and Esther Venrooy’s A Shadow of a Wall.

For the occasion the European Resonance partners, associated partners and artists had come to Maastricht. They met the morning after the opening to discuss the network’s plans and the program of residencies for the months to come. Maia Urstad, a new Resonance artist from Bergen (Norway), gave an overview of her work and presented several examples, like Sound Barrier (2006). And Paul Devens presented plans for his Resonance contribution to the upcoming Festival van Vlaanderen in Kortrijk (Belgium), which will be part of his project City Chase. In each installment of City Chase, Paul will create a dynamic and moving sound map of a city, using field recordings made while cycling through its most characteristic areas.

meeting meeting

In the afternoon the meeting continued at the Bureau Europa, with a visit to Paul Devens’ Panels installation under the Wiebengahal’s low semicircular concrete shell roof, and a discussion with Saturday’s special guest, the German composer and sound artist Peter Kiefer.

bureau Europa

Peter Kiefer will visit Maastricht again in January. As part of the finissage of near to two months of Resonance in Maastricht, on Sunday afternoon January 30th, he will talk about his recent book Klangräume der Kunst (Sound spaces of art) in bookshop Selexyz, in the Dominicanenkerk. Kiefer’s book – which many will regret to learn is available only in German at the moment – collects a great number of original articles that exhaustively investigate the notions and aspects of space, central to a lot of works that relate the visual arts with sound and music.

Two other events will mark the presence of Resonance in Maastricht over the coming weeks. On Wednesday December 22nd, Pierre Berthet will perform at Intro in situ in the midst of his Extended Drops installation. Also at Intro in situ, on Tuesday january 18th, during a special Café in situ evening, I will talk with Esther Venrooy and Pierre Berthet about their installations, about sound, about art, about time, space, music and… about magic!

Esther Vernooy’s and Pierre Berthet’s Resonance installations can be visited at Intro In Situ (Capucijnengang 12, Maastricht) from December 11th, 2010, until January 30th, 2011. Opening hours: Wednesday till Sunday, between 12h and 17h. Entry: €3,-. Intro in situ is closed on Christmas days and New Year’s day.
December 22nd, 2010 – Performance by Pierre Berthet. Intro in situ. 20h30. Entry: €3,-.
January 18th, 2011Café in situ: Harold Schellinx talks with Esther Venrooy and Pierre Berthet. Intro in situ. 20h30.
January 30th, 2011 – Peter Kiefer talks about his book ‘Sound spaces of art’. Bookshop Selexyz, Dominicanenkerk, Maastricht. 13h30.

Resonance in Maastricht

December 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

On Friday December 10th & Saturday December 11th, Resonance partners, artists and public will meet in Maastricht, on the occasion of the festive opening at Intro In Situ’s of the exhibition of two sound installations:
Pierre Berthet adapted his Extended Drops to the ground floor space of the Intro In Situ workshop. Pierre originally produced ‘Extended Drops’ at the Berlin Singuhr Hörgalerie for the smaller Wasserspeicher.
Esther Venrooy, in association with architect Erna Bonifacic, has developed “A Shadow of A Wall”, which can be experienced on the first floor of Intro In Situ’s space.

Here are some pictures of the setting up of Esther’s Maastricht installation:

ev ev
ev ev

The sounds of “A Shadow of A Wall” will provide a link with the sounds of the city of Maastricht, and specifically with those of the town carillon. Therefore, preceding the official opening of the exhibition at Intro In Situ’s, on Friday December 10th, there will be a special concert of contemporary music performed on the carillon of the Maastricht town hall.

In a program made up and arranged by Frank Steijns, carilloneur Boudewijn Zwart will play pieces by John Cage, Philip Glass and Paul Takahashi. The carillon music of course can be heard widely throughout the center of town, but the best place to enjoy it will be on the market square.

boudewijn zwart

Friday’s carillon concert starts at 20h.

The installations of Pierre Berthet and Esther Venrooy can be visited at Intro In Situ‘s (Capucijnengang 12, Maastricht) from December 11th, 2010, until January 30th, 2011. Opening hours: Wednesday till Sunday, between 12h and 17h. Entry: €3,-. Intro In Situ will be closed on Christmas days and New Year’s day. During the two months of exhibition, there will be a parallel program with performances and talks. Details on this will follow soon.

First steps in Kortrijk

July 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

The RESONANCE project kicked off on May 1st, 2010, when representatives of the network’s nodes and the first four participating artists came together in Kortrijk (Belgium). During the two day meeting the RESONANCE partners filled in a first version of the project’s timeline and each of the participating organizations – Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk (be, the host of the meeting), Intro/In Situ (nl), Singuhr (de), Association Bazar (fr), Lydgalleriet (no) & Skano Mezs (lv) – gave an overview of their activities and how these relate to the project and sound art in general. Also the four artists – Pierre Berthet (be), Esther Venrooy (be), Paul Devens (nl) & Stefan Rummel (de) – introduced themselves and their work, and sketched their plans for an upcoming RESONANCE residency.

klinkende stad

The RESONANCE meeting in Kortrijk, very appropriately, coincided with Klinkende Stad. As part of the (Happy New) Flanders Festival, between April 24th and May 9th 2010 Klinkende Stad indeed made of Kortrijk a resounding city: 12 sound art installations by Flemish artists could be discovered and experienced at several different, surprising locations around town.

klinkende stad

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