The RESONANCE project was an European collaboration of a number of co-organisers and associated partners with a focus on the production, the presentation, the documentation and exchange of experience in the field of contemporary sound art. The RESONANCE sound art network has been active between May 2010 and July 2014.

Through a series of residencies, RESONANCE provided sound artists with opportunities to produce and show new work in an European context.

You can order RESONANCE European Sound Art Network 2010-2014, the full and richly illustrated catalogue of the sound art works that were commissioned by the network in the four years of its existence, online. Compiled and edited by Harold Schellinx, the book contains, complete and unabridged, all the interviews with the participating artists, documenting their reflections about content and process at the time of their work for RESONANCE.


In the first two years of the network’s existence (2010-2012), the following artists were commissioned to create a soundwork for RESONANCE:

In the second periode (2012-2014) the following artists were commissioned to create new works:

RESONANCE was coordinated by Stichting Intro/In Situ in Maastricht (the Netherlands). Co-organizers were the Festival van Vlaanderen in Kortrijk (Belgium), the singuhr – hoergalerie in Berlin (Germany), Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway, and Le Bon Accueil in Rennes (France).
Associated Partners: Audio Art Festival (Krakow, PO) & Skanu Mezs (Riga, LV)

The RESONANCE Project was monitored by Harold Schellinx.
He was also the editor and principal author of the RESONANCE blog.
To contact him, try Facebook, or his SoundBlog.

For general inquiries on the project and information on how to get in touch with the project’s partners, visit the contact page


RESONANCE was supported by

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